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The 3 Essential Considerations When Trademarking Your Logo



First impressions are everything. On average, it only takes a few short seconds to construct an entire idea about a person based on the first interaction. Businesses are no different, and many times one of the first impressions a potential client has with a business is through viewing the logo. Whether it’s on a building, business card, shirt, or flyer – a company’s logo matters. Every business needs a logo that they want others to remember. Because of how vital a logo is to any business, it is critical to protect it.

As a Raleigh and Wilmington Trademark and Patent attorney, I always instruct my clients that trademarking a business logo is the first step in protecting their company and their brand.

Consider these Important Qualities of Trademarking


  1. Reduce intentional copying: A great logo attracts people, which is important when it comes to clients. However, other business owners will notice your logo – and they may be looking for potential logo ideas. Through the use of a trademark, you can protect your logo, thereby preventing third parties from adopting it as their own.
  2. Prevent logo look-alikes: Even if they don’t identically copy it, a third party may decide to make one or more minor changes to your logo and use it for their business. For example, some graphic designers use elements of other businesses in their current work. A trademark will reduce the likelihood of similar logos. In addition, a trademark can hold third parties accountable for intentionally or accidentally using your logo.
  3. Protect brand awareness: A trademark helps protect the reputation of a business through brand recognition. The business logo is recognizable by clients and represents the hard work and effort of the business.

For an owner, the business is their livelihood, their hobby, and their future. Much like a child, it deserves protection. The more time a logo isn’t trademarked, the more opportunities others have to tamper with it. At Dogwood Patent and Trademark Law, we are ready to answer any questions and help protect your logo. Contact Dogwood Patent and Trademark Law today to get started

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