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At Dogwood, we are focused on helping Inventors and Creatives protect the future of their intellectual property. We provide expert Patent, Trademark and Copyright registration, filing, brand protection strategy, infringement defense and counseling. We serve Individuals, start-up Businesses, Corporations, Universities and Research Companies. We offer the best affordable Patent Attorney and Trademark Lawyer practices in Raleigh – Wilmington NC.


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What Is A Patent

What Is A Patent

FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA What Is A Patent & How Can One Help My Business   What Qualifies For Patent Protection? In today’s ever-changing world, we witness countless inventions, creations,...

Why You Should Trademark Your Logo

Why You Should Trademark Your Logo

The 3 Essential Considerations When Trademarking Your Logo    First impressions are everything. On average, it only takes a few short seconds to construct an entire idea about a person...

From Our Clients

With client satisfaction as our #1 goal, we are proud of the feedback we have received for the quality of our intellectual property services.  We are pleased to share some brief testimonials about the work we have done for our clients.

“Ashley Johnson has done a few patent jobs for me recently. Ashley is very easy to talk to, very knowledgeable, thorough and prompt on returning messages. A pleasure to do business with.”

John P.

“I came to Dogwood IP Law after a disappointing experience with another IP law firm. I spent a year working with an attorney who neither understood my invention nor gave it the attention it deserved. When I called Dogwood, I feared making a change so late in the process could lead to further frustrating delays. On the contrary, it was the right decision. Ashley was able to quickly come up to speed on my invention and the scope of protection I desired. I’m so happy I made the change.”

Mary H.

“Ashley has been amazing to work with. Friendly, competent, diligent, thorough. She is quick to respond and to turn things around, and goes out of her way to answer any and all questions and to explain things thoroughly. Highly recommend!” 

April C.


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