What We Believe

Our mission is to provide small businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs with the highest quality intellectual property legal services at an affordable price. We will serve our clients with loyalty and integrity and help them leverage their ideas and overcome challenges.

Our Founder

Ashley Johnson

Originally from Wilmington, North Carolina, Ashley graduated from NC State University in Raleigh with degrees in both Chemistry and Biochemistry, as well as a  Masters of Biochemistry degree. She earned her law degree from Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law at Campbell University in 2003 and began her law career with a small Durham based firm before working as an in-house attorney for a large South Carolina Corporation.

Ashley is well suited to practice Patent and Trademark Law in the medical device, chemical and biotechnology fields due to her solid scientific background and has worked extensively in the mechanical and materials science fields. As a result, Ashley has gained a wide breadth of knowledge that has been key in protecting intellectual property in a variety of technology areas.

Why Choose Dogwood

Experience Matters

We are experienced in working with clients of various sizes, from startups to larger businesses.  We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and our integrity.

Responsive to client needs.

We work closely with clients to ensure that we understand the results they seek to achieve and to customize solutions that fit a particular problem.

Cost Effectiveness

Dogwood Patent and Trademark Law recognizes the need for high-quality work product delivered with the personal service and cost-effectiveness of a small firm. Our initial consultation is free of charge, and our fees and billing procedures are communicated to clients in writing at the beginning of our representation. We strive to keep our services affordable to offer you true value.

Our Philosophy

Committed to Excellence

We approach every engagement with deep curiosity about our clients’ technology and their businesses.  In the process, we end up genuinely invested in our clients’ success.  We take great pride in establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients, fostering innovation and creativity.


We have the same background and qualifications of attorneys in large law firms, without all the attendant fees and overhead. When clients contact us, they deal directly with an experienced lawyer, not a junior associate attorney or a law clerk. As a result, we provide clients with both big firm ability and small firm efficiency.

Honest Communication

A solid attorney-client relationship cannot exist in the absence of trust.  We strive to foster trust, leading to a productive and mutually beneficial relationship. We believe that by promoting professionalism and honesty in all aspects of our legal representation, we can advocate more effectively for our clients.

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